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School and Office products and solutions. Click below to:

School and Office products and solutions. Click below to:


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  • Build your own pack of...
    • Find all the items on your school supply lists here and make your own pack.  Order by the piece and we will ship all the items to you to make your own custom school supply packs.

    • We offer the most popular school and office supplies and hard to find specialty items.  Our prices won't be beat!

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  • Standard School Packs...
    • Standard School Supply Packs & Distance Remote Learning Packs - Everything Your Kids Need to Help Learning 

      Schools across the country are learning from home thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Shopping for new school supplies is extremely difficult thanks to nationwide lock downs. That's where we come in. Best in Class provides school supply packs for students of any grade level containing everything they'll need for a successful home learning environment. We deliver pre-packaged name brand products when you need them, at low prices. It's a no-brainer.


    • Save time and money by ordering our "Standard School Supply Packs".
    • Prices include delivery to your home or business.
    • Each grade level pack includes the most essential items to get the school year started with success.    
    • The basic school supplies that most take for granted are not available for many children that are in need.  
    • Our packs are ready to ship with quality products and have enough supplies to start a great school year.  
    • We specialize working with many government and charitable organizations that provide school supplies to the children in need in their communities.  
    • Order here and be done with your back to school supplies shopping.  
    • The prices below include FREE SHIPPING to the address of your choice.  
    • Schools, districts, agencies, PLEASE CALL FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNTS and Substantial FREIGHT COST SAVINGS.  
    • Each pack also contains a FREE reusable draw cord plastic bag.    
  • Student Planners

    Planners, agendas, calendars, notebooks, schedules… no matter what it is called, Best In Class knows that the skill of organizing helps many students learn. From the beginning, our goal has been to assist teachers and students in developing the valuable skills of scheduling and organizing. The original “Assignment Notebook” (the ANS) was created in 1988 by a former educator in Illinois. This unique and clutter-free planner became popular with many schools.

    • We are committed to providing products and services that are Relevant, Accessible, and Valuable offered with Exceptional Quality. Our customers truly RAVE about their experience working with us! We provide a wide variety of formatted planners for all school types: elementary, middle, high, and parochial. Our various formats include page-per-day and weekly spreads, both dated and undated. Interactive samples are available on our website, where you can browse each page.
    • Customization of these planners is also available. Your school’s logo, handbook, and a variety of our relevant inserts can make a customized planner specifically designed for the needs of your students.  It is our goal that our planners are not simply places to put assignments, but a life-changing tool that is as a foundation to student development as any core curriculum. Instead of cartoons or trendy quotes from teen idols, our planners have incredible content written by professional educators to effect positive change in your students.
    • We welcome you to browse our planner lines to find the planner that fits your educational needs. Success. Plan for it! Made in the USA! We are proud to state that our products are 100% made in the United States of America.  When you order our product, you will be satisfied to know that you are purchasing an American-made product.    
  • Writing Tablets Paper

      Writing Tablets and papers for students.

  • Hygiene packs for...

     Student Hygiene Packs   Good hygiene is an important part of a student’s health, wellness, and self-esteem. Kids with poor hygiene face harmful consequences. Some are medical: they may be more prone to developing rashes and infections. But equally important, individual students may quickly become known at school for being “dirty.” This negative reputation can be hard to shake and is damaging to students’ self-esteem. Good hygiene makes it easier to attend school regularly and develops better study habits.    

    • Our Standard Packs are below.
    • Quantity discounts are available. Please call or email for more information.
    • We also custom pack items if a different assortment of products is needed.
    • Please contact us for a list of items and a custom quote.    
  • Backpacks & Totes

    Pala Supply Company have the most up to date styles, great selections and competitive pricing on student backpacks, tote bags and more.  We offer high quality backpacks and low prices.   

  • Science / Presentation...

    Presentation Boards are tri-fold, double wall corrugated display boards used for projects, booths, science fair presentations and all types of displays. Boards have a smooth, flat, uniform surface to accept many types of medium. Boards are colored on the front and Natural Kraft on the back. Assorted colors include: Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. The full display size is 48" x 36" and folds to 24" x 36".

  • Privacy Screens

    These boards are made from sturdy corrugate and are perfect for any desk, table or computer area. They help keep students focused, distractions out and prevent wandering eyes. Boards are colored on both sides.