Fundraising Products

Besides our Prepackaged School Supply Packs, we offer other unique, easy and rewarding fundraising and school programs.   Contact us for special promotions, discounts, prizes programs, extra services and more.  

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  • Smencils Scented Pencils

    Scentco Smencils and Smens: In-Hand Fundraiser Method

    This is the traditional and proven way to raise funds with our scented products. When a product is popular, it makes selling easy…..easy to carry, easy to sell….this method is simply easy.

  • Smens Scented Pens

    Smens are scented clickable pens. Each Smen is packaged in its own recyclable premium gift tube. Each Smen emits its scent through the unique scent vent design. The plastic body of each Smen is recyclable just like the tube. There are 25 Smens per carrier and 10 carriers per case. Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years.

  • Sketch and Sniff Gel...

    The Sketch & Sniff Gel Crayons are scented gel crayons. The scent is emitted from the actual crayon core. Stimulate imagination and creativity with our colorful and fun sketch and sniff gel crayons. Our scented gel crayons are the coolest crayons on the market, they are super smooth when coloring or writing with, super fun and will make those works of art smell yummy.

    These cool Gel Crayons come in bright colors. Twist the bottom to feed the gel out the top, and color away with a smooth gliding application. They work well as a crayon or highlighter, they have bright translucent coverage. There are 50 gel crayons in a bucket and 6 buckets in a case. Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years.

  • Smickers Scented Stickers

    Smickers are jumbo scratch & sniff stickers. They come in 8 different scents/styles. Each style comes with 2 sheets of stickers. You will receive 320 sets of 2 for a total of 640 Smickers. Each sticker sheet is guaranteed to last for 250 scratches. Each case comes with a Smickers display in which you can showcase all the stickers.

  • Popcorn Fundraisers

    Want to earn money for you school, organization or charity quickly and easily?

    Our popcorn fundraiser will be perfect for you!

    You get 50% PROFIT on every single item sold!